Failed in Abuja, Obaseki dispatches emissaries,SSG Osarodion Ogie to Bourdillion ……as APC Governors plan visit to Tinubu By John Mayaki

The chips are down and the haughtiness of the man who said his ambition is non-negotiable has mellowed. His name is Godwin Obaseki and his emissaries, led by Osarodion Ogie, are meandering around Bourdillion, gearing ahead for APC Governor’s visit to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The mission is simple: to lobby, plead, and negotiate, so that favour may go in the direction of the recalcitrant Obaseki.

This effort comes after their attempt to meet with the President became futile, revealing the great disquiet, desperation, and an atmosphere of looming failure in that camp, which now drives their attempts. Is it not rather ironic that a man, who went from podium to podium, channel to channel, displaying a megalomaniac attitude, declaring his 2nd term ambition sacrosanct and undebatable, is now going state to state, door to door, seeking support and assistance?

From Abuja to Lagos, Obaseki’s footsteps is filled with proverbial lessons: the man who exalted himself to the ranks of the gods but who must now recognize that he is a simple human. That recognition begins with this visit to Bourdillion and it is made remarkable by the fact that this same Obaseki, the man being led to beg, had called APC leaders “thieves” who want him to share the state’s money.

But even in this new repentance, Obaseki is not entirely sincere and penitent. While he understands that his best bet is to remain in APC and heal the wounds he had inflicted on the memory and conscience of the party, he is as well scheming and plotting behind the scene, planing a defection to the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) – the party that has extended the collection date for its nomination form of today’s meeting with the National Leader of APC collapses.

Even in the Bible, the Christian wisdom prescribed, as a condition for forgiveness, a contrite and repentant heart. That is missing in Obaseki. The same bible made it clear, in the book of Revelation, that for the kingdom of God, lukewarmness is not a virtue—one must be entirely hot or exactly cold. It is also the same for Jesus’s who not only denies us the opportunity of serving two masters but add that “no one who puts his hands in the plough and takes it back is fit for the kingdom.” Governor Godwin Obaseki has been dilly-dallying, hopping left and right, stand neither here nor there, not hot for APC or cold for PDP, a trait that makes one unfit for serious consideration.

But serious consideration has even, at this point, deservedly almost eluded Obaseki. He made a lot of unforgivable utterances and went ahead to carry out ear-cringing, jaw-dropping actions against the same people he is today seeking their face. Judas, the only Bible character Obaseki can truly be likened to, did not enjoy the privilege of comprehensive clemency.

Obaseki arrogated himself far too high as if he never knew this day will come especially when he believed that unseating the National Chairman of the party would drop the APC second term ticket on his lap. And so, in the process of his mindless arrogation, he had boasted too frequently that he commands the respect, admiration, and good works that will defeat any co-aspirant for the governorship.

So far, no bad has been done to Obaseki, except the demand to come now and walk his talk, to subject himself to a party referendum and prove, as he has countlessly said, that he has done well and holds the loyalty of greater party members who are satisfied with his achievement. It is no more, no less.

Tell Godwin Obaseki that there are only two options available to him – to either prepare for direct primaries in the APC or conclude his negotiations with the opposition party.

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