Black man Serving 38 Years for Stealing $9, Derek Handed 25 years With $500k Bail: Where is Justice in so called USA?

A black man from Alabama had served 38-years in prison for stealing $9, after he was charged with first-degree robbery plus been sentenced to life without temporal or permanent release while in prison. Now, Derek Chauvin who killed a Black American, George Floyd in Minneapolis, was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter with a bail of $500k . is this Justice?.

The word justice means ‘fairness’. Injustice means lack of fairness. The big question now is, which of this two aforementioned definitions is fit enough to judge how Derek Chauvin case has unfolded so far. I personally would not stick out my neck to pick one, currently puzzled.

Willie Simmons, is the Black man that was sentenced to prison without parole, way back in 1982, but his charges were based on Alabam habitual laws. many have expressed their dissatisfaction at the way Blacks are been treated, not just in America, all over the globe. I personally believe racism can not be cleansed in our society today.

The battle between the Black American and the White American has come in different forms, in fact if you read that novel titled ‘Native son’ you will get a full picture of the point i am trying to make here.

Protests are still rolling in the Minneapolis despite the fact that legal actions are been taken against Derek Chauvin.

Now this is where i am heading, Derek Chauvin who will not spend more than 25 years in prison can bail out for $500k. How on earth can this happen?. Even the President of America Donald Trump is not handling matters well, provocation has rocked his comment on the trend.

Maybe i should not hit this hard after all, as legal actions are still in place. Let just keep our fingers crossed and see how events unfold.

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