Before You Marry That Enugu Man Know About Their “Ndishi” Tradition.which is a spiritual being in Enugu

Only those who violates the tradition of infidelity in marriage will see “Ndishi”, which is a spiritual being in Enugu. “Ndishi” tradition is as old as Enugu-Ezike and it was laid down by Ezike Oba himself before dying.

The tradition binds and affects every child of Enugu-Ezike. The tradition concentrates on having extra-marital affairs with another man’s wife or even having intentions to do so through kissing or putting your hand across the waist of another man’s wife can also been seen as infidelity.

The Traditions Need to Know

1) A lady cannot for any reason have an affair with another man other than her husband once her bride price has been paid.

2) A widow is also forbidden from having affairs while inside her late husband’s house or her first son will die. She must relocate to another house if she wants to do such. If she wants to come back to her late husband’s house after getting tired of affairs outside, she will confess to her all her affairs, appease the gods and then after a cleansing ceremony she will return.

3) Enugu-Ezike men are forbidden to have any intimate relationship with another man’s wife. It will attract the wrath of “Ndishi” and is highly punishable.

4) Married women are also forbidden to give money to her family or any other person without her husband’s knowledge or risk being arrested by “Ndishi”.

5) While taking her bath, a married woman cannot answer a call from another man except her husband.

6) It is also against “Ndishi” to knock on the door of a married woman when she is the only one at home.

Ladies please, before saying “I do”, check well to avoid it ending in tears. All this traditions are scary.

Indeed so many traditions need to be wiped out.

How can a women need permission from her husband before helping her family with her own money.

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4Replywhy is are the rules one sided, I would have been happy if I heard, married man or woman who sleeps with anyone apart from their wife or husband, but I only heard a man who sleeps with another man’s wife, meaning a married man is free to sleep with anyone hence she’s not married, a woman needs permission from her husband to give anyone money even her own family, but nothing like that for the man. this is one of those tradition with the only aim of subduing women, just a patriarchal society where women have no say.oneof achiac tradition that shouldn’t exist anymore like killing of the twins. I would have loved the one against adultry if it involves both couple because most places where they claim to have such culture is only against the women folks and their husbands keep messing up with different women.

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