An Igbo man Sunday Mike who was murdered in India by Indian mobs over theft.

An Igbo man identified as Sunday Mike who lived in India for many years was murdered for alleged theft. He was brutally murdered in Delhi, India on the 27th day of May 2020 by some Indian mobs.

He was rushed to the hospital after severe beating where he was confirmed dead due to internal injuries sustained from the beating.

From the video shared on Instagram, the deceased who was pictured in khaki shorts with orange shirt was held by the various men who were all Indians.

According to report, the police arrived late which was why he could not survive the internal injuries when he was rushed to the hospital.

These murderers are free and none was arrested because he is a son of no man as they regard Nigerians.

The brutal killing of innocent people and other unfair treatments given to Nigerians abroad is becoming so alarming that the Nigerian government needs to intervene but who will intervene for who?

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