My husband saw the text message my boyfriend sent to me and did this

This was shared my a Facebook user, Ada Ragnar Vikings.

Read her:

“Ada….I married a man I have always prayed for. 

I met him years back on social media, he was just like a ghost friend never comment nor like but did one faithful day and that was the day he chatted me. 

We became friends and got married. He was so sweet and caring.  

Whatever happened and why I cheated, I don’t know. I just know I did and it lasted for some months and the person also happened to be a married person. Just when I was about to back out as I was feeling so miserable whenever I look at his face and why cheating on him. I felt he doesn’t deserve this wicked act from me 🥺. 

I sent message to the person and the guy kept sending messages asking me to not to leave him. He kept begging and sending different kind of messages. I deleted it all but never knew all the messages I deleted were in the trash. 

I was gisting with hubby in the kitchen when one of his messages came in still begging. That was the day I knew of trash in the phone. As in all your deleted messages get stock there without you knowing. 

Oh Ada I died that day

I wanted to run away but he held me back

I took the knife in my hand to just end my self but he kept holding me 

He kept crying Ada I have never seen him cry that way

I couldn’t even give a good reason why I did what I did ( I was carried away with Lust)

He asked me to leave what I was cooking. And I ran away through the back door, he ran after me. My siblings were inside ( 2 of them). He did not tell any of them . He took me to the room, removed my dress gently and we both stayed on the bed crying. He was hurt I could see it in his eyes. 

He locked the kitchen door so I don’t hurt myself

He came back, kissed me and told me its OK. Ada he made me feel it was the devil that pushed me to it( thoroughly I can’t believe I did it).

He made love to me. That was a different type. I have never felt that Way, he was so good at it that minute( maybe he felt it was it that made me cheat but No). Instantly he forgive me. He didn’t go to work for 2days just to make sure I don’t harm my self and he helped me take excuse from my place of work. 

We discussed for two days. He just wanted to know what he was lacking ( but nothing). 

The guy called the second day and all hell was lose…. He told him to stay off but the guy refused . then I died again. Now I was fighting for my home and fighting for freedom from this guy… But after everything said and done the guy backed out. I blocked him in every angle. 

I am good with my hubby now. Now the love became so strong. We don’t talk about it. He doesn’t use it against me . he makes sure I and the kids are happy

But up till now I can’t forget how I broke his heart. I can’t bring myself to forgive myself . I have gone for confession more than 2times but still I can’t . This man is too good to be hurt. This secrets is between me him and God”

Men also hurt and forgive

Me: To err is Woman and to forgive is divine. Pls,don’t do it again. Your husband is simply AWESOME.

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