Rant Hq founder,Suzan Coker finally apologises to all Igbos

Susan Ade Coker, the founder of Rant Hq, a Facebook group, has finally apologized to her Igbo members after a disagreement ensued from a statement she made in a post which suggested disparagement to the tribe.

Recall Daily Times reported that she recently called some Igbo members senseless while she asked them to leave the group.

Howewer, Coker in a post on Wednesday, stated that she is taking full responsibility for the disturbance the group has experienced in the past few days as she apologizes for the havoc caused.

Furthermore, she noted that she had no intentions of being tribalistic as the platform belongs to all tribe and race known to mankind.

She also stressed that the platform will no longer condone any form of racial discrimination as, “no tribe, race or color is superior to another.

Read Coker’s full statement below:

Good morning everyone. 
First and foremost I would like to apologize to the members of RantHQ for the disturbance the group has experienced in the past few days. As your convener, I take full responsibility for it as it my duty to preserve the space for you. It is my duty to make sure our space and looked after and catered for but I failed in that respect. Regardless of how or from who it started or came about or caused,, the fact remains that I did not protect our space from negative energy. For that I am sorry. 
I have had one of the most challenging days in my adult life as I had to make decisions about where we go from here. I have had to within 24hours make provisions for alternative arrangements for our migration if those who are unhappy in one way or the other succeed in their campaign. That has been what I’ve spent time on. Thankfully we are not under that pressure anymore. However we have that now so we would be good if anything. 
Allow me to say a very big thank you to everyone for your patience. Thank you for your support. I was overwhelmed by the show of love and support. I did not realize that I could ever experience as much love and support from the group. Thank you. I do not take it for granted. God bless you.
Moving forward, we are going to be doing things differently. Starting from myself. RantHQ will not be as it was known for. We would still be fabulous, boisterous and fantastic but we are going to tone down a lot on the “WOBENESS”. It’s not going to be boring. Far from it! We are all adults. We are all grownups. Not that we don’t behave as one but we are merely adjusting. Which is a fundamental requirement in our continuous existence on this great platform FACEBOOK. This change begins with me.
As things progress, please work with us as we moderate the platform. We have closed posting  into the group and we would only be approving posts that had been submitted for approval before last night. 
As I mentioned above, we are toning down on the WOBENESS. This may cause a few discomfort for some but kindly adhere to the set down rules and regulations of Facebook community standards. 
Disciplinary actions would be tougher. Anyone kicked out from the group are unlikely going to get a chance to be readmitted. Let us be mindful of our conduct, actions, comments and the likes. Respect people’s opinions. No one is above the other. WAKA PASS is strongly advised. We delete a whole thread if we find fighting or bashings going on and offenders kicked out. 
One of the things we have sort and concluded in this past few days is data benefits for members of RantHQ in appreciation of their loyal commitment to the platform. Shortly we would roll out avenues for members to get data  and other discounted services at majorly discounted rates. 
Last but not the least. This is a multi-culture, multi-faith platform. This is a platform for all tribe and race known to mankind. No tribe, race or color is superior to another. This shall be  our conduct. Each one for everyone. 
Thank you and God bless.

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