Man come under attack for saying Just 50 trailers can ship all Northerner in SOUTHEAST, but that can not be said of Igbos Sabon gari alone in kano

Alimi Ahmed Adenkule is on the hot seat right now as he urge Igbo’s to be preaching unity because if anything happen now, they will be the ones to lose most.

Adenkule in his quote on Facebook, said that only Igbo’s in Sabon Garri Kano cannot be evacuated with 50 trailers, but all northers in South East, will be evacuated with just 50 trailers.

“Quote me any day:

Non Igbos in South East can leave the region at a very short notice but the same cannot be said of most Igbos in other regions outside the South East.

Who should be preaching UNITY and LOVE but what do we have on the plate of arrogance?

Just fifty trailers can ship all the Northerner in SOUTHEAST as a whole but that can not be said of sabon gari alone in kano” Adekule said.

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