I CONQUERED THE SPIRIT OF FEAR BY THE HOLY GHOST: The 1998 Experience Onboard our Aircraft – Bishop Oyedepo

We were all flying in 1998 and I saw the plane was slowing down, there is no parking space in the air. So, I tried to get to the cockpit and ask the captain what’s happening.

Meanwhile, the captain’s head was oozing forth sweat (not sweating) – “we just lost one engine.” I said “relax.” I don’t know anything about aviation in my life – Jesus can’t be inside this plane and it drops.

So, I got back from the cockpit, it was our own plane and I said, “folks, would you like to have some snacks,” they said “Yes.”

I dared not tell them that we lost an engine because I might have lost all of them that day – they might just be jumping out of the plane to escape into death. Praise God.

So, we were eating on the devil’s head.
You say “Did you land?” Yes, that’s why I am here and we are all alive today.

Zero panicking, zero shaking. Nothing emboldens like the Holy Ghost.

One more time, I curse the hold of the spirit of fear on anyone under the sound of my voice today by the Holy Ghost

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