How She who expect Rich Man to come and marry Her later Got Married to Man Living in One Room

Her name is onono ohunene Halima,yes she refused all those that came to marry her because she wants a man from abroad or one who is based in Abuja and has a car. Not a man from ,ihima,idatochi , ogaminana,agasa and the rest This is her choice!
Men have been coming for her, but she is not interested because they are neither from abroad nor from Abuja. No sign that they even have a car.
Finally, it is December time and men from “abroad” and “Abuja” usually will come to the village looking for who to marry. “This year will be my year,” she assured herself. So, she got herself ready for Abuja men to arrive.
When rumor had it that a certain Itopa popularly known as I.T is in town and has been having an eye on her, she asked.
“Where is he based?”
They said Abuja.
She smiled deeply. The time has come, she whispered to her small head. But one more thing is lacking.
“Does he have a Car?” She asked.
“We saw him with a car”, they answered.
At that moment, she grew butterflies in her tummy. Ohunene became head over heels in love for Itopa
Swiftly she is all over Itopa. As she looked at him with smiles, her mind kept saying, “It is time to leave this godforsaken village. . . I have had enough from this village men. Thank God for my itopa
Luckily for her, Itopa is not staying for the new year he told her he has some business he must attend to. That was the best news for her. They hurried the traditional requirements and paid the dowry. The next day, the two lovers are driving to their Abuja in the Toyota Corolla Itopa came with.
When they got to gwagwalada, he told her, “this is gwagwalada where the university of Abuja is located.” After looking round for a while, she asked, “is this area still part of Abuja because it looks so dry?” He smiled and answered, this is part of Abuja. We will get to the city soon.

The double lane express drive from airport junction to the city was so amazing. The street lights, the smoothness of the road, the type of cars on the road, she was just so excited.
At citing the city gate, she recognized it. She had seen it in calendars. Close to it is the National stadium. She was so happy.
Itopa drove her around the Central business district of Abuja. She saw the central mosque built in 1984 with gold plated dome and four minarets. Then the Ecumenical center with its magnificent tall tower cross that was opened in 2005. The breath taking glass CBN and NNPC towers. The eagle square she has always imagined. Itopa pointed Transcorp hotel to her and the yet to be “renovated”
National assembly . And she is like, “inya, Abuja is so beautiful. . .ozoza”.

Then they drove pass Louis Edet house – the
police headquarters, and from there decided to pass through Asokoro. The houses were simply amazing. In her heart she was like “so my husband is owing one of these big houses. Wow, it is really good to be patient. When God remembers you, he will give you beyond your imagination.”
In no time, they were in A.Y.A, a popular junction that took its name from a filling station then. Then she asked, “inda have we not gotten to our house?” Itopa looked at her and smile, “baby calm down, we will be there soon.”
They drove pass Mogadishu cantonment, then kugbo, where furniture are sold. The surroundings are already changing and she is like, “baby, where are we going?” But Itopa did not say anything.
Then, they drove pass Nyanya. She saw crowd. She was asking herself “are we still in Abuja?” But he kept driving. She saw bikes, Keke, people selling on the street. “Pure water” sachets everywhere. Finally, he took a bend. The crowd here were just enormous. The place is so rowdy, smelly gutters. He drove into a small pathway. Her face changed.
He stopped the car and stepped out. But she thought the journey will soon continue until he said, “baby bring your bags down, we are home.”
Then she looked at where is called home. A room with no space. Mattress on the ground, and other properties. The Kitchen is at the verandah. Toilet and bathroom outside with so many other tenants. Clothes spread on the lines. Children crying, others defecating. Generator noise blasting.
called him all through the journey,
He turned
“Where are we?” She asked in a serious tune.
“We are home”, replied ITOPA
“I mean where, is here Abuja?” She was getting confused.
“Well, here is Mararaba, it is sharing boundaries with Abuja.”
“Raraba what?” She stammered.
“Ma-Ra-Ra-Ba”, he tried pronouncing it distinctively.
At that point, Itopas’s friend came. He started checking if the car he gave Itopa was kept in a good condition. Itopa was faithful to their agreement.
Now ohunene is shocked,regrt is allover her face
The bride price has been fully paid what can she do ?
My ebira girls just be safe and be wise, don’t be materialistic while choosing partner,
Go for love not for lust
Real love last for ever ,but lust will lost as time goes on just be wise
Thus story is real
Just be wise

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