Tension In New Heaven Enugu State As NCDC Came To Pick Provision Seller Who Returned From Kano State Two Weeks Ago!

Neighbours are now living in fear as NCDC comes to pick provision Seller in Enugu, Comrade Castro Ubani Reports: – ‘’Yesterday, the NCDC came to pick a corona virus patient in New Haven @about 2: pm.

The Man is a Hausa man selling provision in new haven.

He came back 2weeks ago. The neighbors noticed he had travelled to Kano and returned back 2 weeks ago. They alerted the New Haven Amalgamated neighborhoods security on the said case.

The security called the Enugu emergency number to inform them. The emergency room gave us the number to the NCDC which they were notified instantly.

The response supposed to be emergency. But it took them like 4hrs to respond. We waited until 2 person’s arrived new Haven same day at about 4: pm. Funny enough they didn’t come prepared, they came on a tricycle without face mask and hand globe.

No ambulance was present. When asked why they came in casually, they said “there is a way we work”?
They invited the suspected victim to Parklane hospital the next day for test.

The said man went to Parklane on a public transport. He already shared it amongst the passengers. He ran the test and boarded another public transport back to New Haven.
Meanwhile they supposed to take him and quarantine him immediately pending when the result will be out.

They didn’t quarantine him, rather they allowed him to mix up with the neighborhood. People has been buying things from his shop. Exchanging money and other contacts.

Only yesterday they confirmed him positive.
I am sure that many people would have contacted this virus in New Haven.
The NCDC are really joking with their job.
A thorough testing is needed in New Haven now before it gets bad

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