Primero Transport Services Ltd., operator of Lagos Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), said it is still looking for the driver of its bus that allegedly crushed a businesswoman, Mrs Grace Okeleke, to death.

The unfortunate incident took place at Ikorodu on Monday.

Mr Fola Tinubu, Managing Director of the firm, disclosed this Friday while speaking with newsmen and to express the management’s regret over the incident.

The deceased, Grace, is the wife of the Head of Public Relations, Globacom, Mr Andrew Okeleke.

She had attempted to cross the road, after being dropped off by her driver around 7.20pm. However, a BRT vehicle with number plate EPE 59 XR allegedly knocked her down.

Tinubu said the company had sent a delegation to console family of the deceased; adding that the company would not abandon the family, but support them.

“We are so sorry about what happened. We have sent a delegation to their house to meet the family. Also, we will do all the necessary things for the family. Whatever is necessary to do for the family, we will do,” the BRT Operator boss said.

He added, “We sympathise with the family and it really touches our heart. But, I will also like to say that people need to be careful when they are crossing that road. They need to look both right and left, and not assume buses are not coming. They need to be patient and they need to use pedestrian bridge as much as possible.

On the destruction of BRT buses by some residents following the incident; Tinubu said that such action was not needed as it would neither bring the dead back; nor bring any gain to people the firm is serving.

He said that no fewer than 10 buses belonging to the company were destroyed by the people.

“There is no need for people to vandalise our buses, at the same time; because that night, they vandalised 10 buses. The bus driver was wrong by not staying there, and we are looking for him right now. We have called his guarantors and we told them that they must produce him,” he said.

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