Igbo man will promise you marriage,Next thing you’re pregnant:- Kenyan woman

An Igbo man will promise you marriage, Next thing you’repregnant and cooking Ogbono soup in his house, Kenyan woman narrates.

A married woman from Kenya identified as Gesafe Chife spoken about the events that occur when an Igbo man informs and promises a woman of his intention to marry her.

She also shared on her Twitter @gechife writing “An Igbo man will just inform you that he is to marry you, The next thing you know is that you are pregnant and barefoot in his house, Cooking Ogbono soup and answering his name.

The woman identified as Gesafe Chife speaks based on experience saying she married an Igbo man based abroad. She said that the moment an Igbo man promises marriage, The woman ends up becoming a wife without further delay and carries out homely duties like cooking ogbono soup while being pregnant for him before their marriage.

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