Black woman who was sleeping with her boyfriend, Then a team of police broke in and killed her

This week, a case in Louisville, Kentucky, attracted people’s attention, according to US reports.

In March this year, a team of police broke into the home of black woman Brenna Taylor while searching for a drug trafficker. 

Taylor was sleeping with her boyfriend Kenneth Walker, who thought a burglar had broken into the apartment and took out a pistol and hit a policeman in the leg.

Then, the police fired at least 20 shots at Taylor and her boyfriend, eight of which hit Taylor. The innocent black woman was killed on the spot, and her boyfriend Walker was lucky not to be shot.

It is understood that Taylor’s family brought a lawsuit against the police involved in April. This week, Taylor’s family hired a prominent civil rights lawyer, Ben Crump, to speak up for the case, which attracted widespread attention.

“As black people, you may be killed when you walk, you may be killed when you jog, you may be killed when you drive,” Kropp said at a news conference. And even sleeping in one’s sacred abode can be killed. “

“We can’t continue to let them kill our black women needlessly and grandly, and shirk all responsibility.”

It is understood that the police involved were searching for a drug dealer named JaMarcus Glover, who allegedly dated Tyler two years ago. However, it turned out that Taylor did not continue to contact the drug dealer, the police did not search her house for any relevant physical evidence, and at the time of Taylor’s death, the drug dealer had been arrested by another team of police.

After Taylor’s death, her boyfriend Walker was also reportedly charged with attempted police murder and assault. At the time of the investigation, the police involved said that they had obtained the relevant search warrant issued by the local court before forcibly entering Taylor’s residence and had also indicated their identity to Taylor. But since none of the officers wore their own law enforcement recorders, it is debatable whether they ever identified Taylor.

The case has been wildly forwarded on social media and some politicians have begun to pay attention to it since lawyer Kropp spoke up for the innocent and tragic death of Taylor.

The mayor of Louisville is saying he may call for an independent investigation into the shooting.

“In this case, you know, people always want an immediate answer,” he said. But in general, such a complex and tragic case will not have an answer immediately. “

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