I Never wanted To Have An Affair Outside My Marriage But My Husband & His Mom Made Me Do It

I wish there was a spell to undo this atrocious act which I have committed. I wish I didn’t give in to the pressure mounted on me by my husband and his mom. I know that there is no justification for what I have done. I only wish my husband was more supportive, protective and considerate.

I have been married for over 5 years with no child. My husband and I have visited different hospitals for possible cause and solution to our childlessness. We even went to the extent of trying the traditional methods. Despite all efforts, we still couldn’t have a child. Test results from various hospitals confirmed that we were both fine.

My inability to give my husband children gave me a great concern. Every day and night for the past 5 years, I have wept silently, prayed and hoped that someday, fortune will smile on me. I understand the joy of every married couple is to have their own offspring but this joy eluded my home since I got married.

At first, my husband was my source of hope. He comforted me every time he sees me worried about our predicament. He always tells me to have faith in God and that at the appointed time, we will have a child. However recently, he no longer shows sign of hope due to the constant pressure from his mom to take another woman and give her grand children.

Life was really unbearable for me in my matrimonial home and my husband was not helping matters neither. What made it worse was the silence from my husband when his mom called me a barren and a witch who has eaten up the children in my womb in his presence. My mother in-law constantly taunts me and I was almost going insane.

I couldn’t even find succour in my husband anymore as he was gradually distancing himself from me, keeping late nights and picking up random women. I understood how he felt and why he was doing all that. So, I decided to plead with him not to give up on us and not to give in to his mom’s advice to seek other women.

While heading home one day from the store, I didn’t realise I was lost in thought and wasn’t paying attention to the traffic. I was almost hit by a car. The driver of the car came down and was about hauling insults on me when he called out my name. I was surprised when I heard my name. So, I looked up and saw it was Johnson, my ex-colleague in the university. He was so happy to see me. He saw the worries on my face and asked about how life has been since we graduated.

I told him how life has been unfair to me. He was touched by my story and tears. He was sad about the fact that my husband wasn’t being fair to me. In the midst of my worries and his sadness, he confessed how much he still loves me despite me turning him down several times. I told him I was married now and it was too late. We exchanged numbers and then I left for home.

I got home at about 7:45pm when I saw my husband with another woman in our bedroom. I was pissed but controlled my anger because I felt my inability to give him a child made him that way. So, I called him aside and tried talking about it with him. Rather than reasoning with me, my husband slapped me and called me a bad luck that brought misfortune to his life. 

I couldn’t bear the insults anymore. That was surely the last straw that broke the camel’s back. I slept on the couch and cried throughout the night. The following day, a call came through from Johnson. He could sense that I was crying. He pleaded that I should try to see him at his lodge before he leaves the following day for Abuja. I declined at first but later decided to go over to his place just to clear my head.

I got to his place that afternoon and he offered me a drink. He told me that he was worried about how I sounded on phone. In tears, I narrated what took place in my home the previous night. He was a good listener and when I was done, he came close to me to comfort me. I laid my head on his shoulder while I cried freely. I felt so calm in his arms and before we knew it, we’ve done the unthinkable. I felt bad after the deed was done. I wore my clothes, took my stuffs and left his place while he was still pleading with me.

Two weeks later, I started feeling some changes. I went for a brief check up at a remote clinic and the result of the test showed that I was 2 weeks pregnant. All of a sudden, I was scared because I know my husband wasn’t responsible for it. Just that one singular affair with Johnson led to it. I left the clinic that day with mixture of joy, fear and confusion.

At least, I have been able to prove my innocence that I was not a barren nor a witch. However, it doesn’t justify my infidelity to my husband.

What should I do? Should I call Johnson to inform him of the pregnancy? Should I just abort the pregnancy? Should I find a way to pin it on my husband so as to save myself from the shame? Honestly, I never meant to hurt him back. I’m so confused right now and need urgent advice.

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