Good Samaritan Rescued a man While Carrying His wife to The Hospital Treking In Rivers State

It is an unfortunate thing to need help in a despirate situation and there is non available around,that was the case of couple in Rivers

A good Samaritan so a man carrying a woman in his hand trekking to the hospital and helped, according to what was gathered, the Good Samaritan saw the husband of the woman who was being rushed to the hospital trekking a long distance and helped to transport them to the hospital.Due to the lock down.

We are all aware of the lockdown in Lagos and ogun state including Abuja that has been going on for over 2 months now,give me a no cars on the road and the husband of the woman how to Trek a long distance to save the life of his wife because he had no choice rather than to carry her.

According to the Good Samaritan the outcome might have been fertile if she had not come along to help them get to the hospital.

There is a video of the incident going around the internet showing the young man carrying his wife to the hospital.

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