My wife is one year older than me, she caught me cheating and her reaction made me cry

I’ve been married to my wife for 23 years now. She is one year older than me. She stood by me through the wilderness period of my life and gave me hope even when I lost faith in myself. The love I have for my wife is just out of this world. By God’s grace and mercies we’ve been blessed with four children a boy and two girls.

In this 23 years of our marital bliss I can boast to say that the highest problem we’ve ever faced as couples was an argument we had. I know I was the one on the wrong side of the argument but she took the responsibility of accepting the fault. Her humility and submissiveness to me is out of this world and sometimes when I just watch her doing house chores, kneeling to greet me, praising me in public and seeking for my opinion before she makes any moves makes me to shed tears of joy.

Everything was going pretty well until she fell Ill. I took her for checkup and it was discovered that she had leukemia. Oh my God in was devasted and confused. The doctor had already given her an ultimatum of 6 months to live and it troubled my heart. Gradually I began to see my wife grow thin and weak to a point where she could not only carry out her duties as a wife and we had to employ a maid. For about 8 months I couldn’t make love to my wife the way I should.

Sandra a young lady from calabar was referred by one of my wife’s friend to us that she could actively help my wife out with the house chores since her health was limiting her from performing her role. As time went on Sandra was the one always attending to me and ensuring that I was comfortable and well. She was well built, had a nice curve and was so so beautiful and adorable to behold but one thing I failed to watch out for was the rate at which I became fond of her overnight.

One day, while my wife was sleeping upstairs I went to her room to make enquiries and that led to one thing and we had intimate relationship together. After that day it became a normal occurrence and my wife who couldn’t have suspected a thing wasn’t really bothered.

One day as usual my wife was upstairs sleeping and I went to Sandra’s room as usual to see her for our normal adult discussion but little did I know that my actions were going to be the beginning of a new me. I and Sandra began playing as usual when my wife walked in on us the way we are without any clothes. I was confused, shocked and ashamed. I couldn’t say a word. I was expecting her to react but instead she held my hands, pulled me closed and kissed me. With tears in her eyes she said “Baby don’t day a word. I understand everything and how you feel and I take responsibility for everything that happened. about what happened just now I don’t hold it against you neither would I make reference to it in future”.

She then turned to Sandra with her head still on my chest and said ” I appreciate your help and everything you’ve done you can pick your bags and leave now. I’ll make a transfer of a hundred thousand naira for you so you can take good care of your self but in case you need anything feel free to let me know.”

he lifted me up to my feet asked me to dress up and drop her at the hospital for the final check up. I was scared cos I felt she was going to do something to me when no one was around but I saw the sincerity in her eyes and followed her.

When we got to the hospital she looked and me and said “Baby do you like Sandra?” Haaaa I became more scared and confused but she smiled, held me by the hand and told me jokingly that Sandra might end up helping her take care of the kids this made me more confused.

While the doctor was checking her, she fainted and was rushed to the emergency word. when she regained consciousness he looked at me and said I shouldn’t feel bad or guilty that though she was hurt She’ll always love me then she asked me to meet the doctor and get the report of her test. I was going down stairs to meet the doctor when I saw a text message from my wife’s phone and when I opened it what I saw was “I love you baby but I want you to bring Sandra in to take care of the kids”. I was confused, rushed back to her ward and met her smiling looking at me. I asked what’s the meaning of the message she didn’t respond it was later u discovered she had already died with a smile of her face. My wife’s death made me depressed and I couldn’t concentrate.

Two weeks later Sandra came in and I had already i fulfill my wife’s dying wish. I, Sandra and the kids are doing fine but we all miss my wife. Men please value and love your wife.

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