North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong faked death to expose traitors, may execute his sister — Expert

North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un may have faked his own death to expose those who want to take power from him, an expert on North Korea affairs has claimed.

The dictator had disappeared for 20 days fueling speculations that he had died during or from complications of alleged botched heart surgery.

But on Friday, May 1, he made a surprise appearance at the opening of a fertilizer plant, after missing an important national event, the celebration of his grandfather’s birthday on April 15.

James Morrow, Sky News Australia reporter claimed that Kim Jong-un deliberately disappeared so that it looked as if he had died.

By doing that, James said that Kim Jong-un wanted to know how the elites in the country would react in the event of his actual death. He also wanted to know the traitors in his inner circle who are eyeing his seat of power.
“What has probably gone on here is that the rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated,” James said as reported by Daily Star.
“He decided to do this, lay low, and see how things broke power-wise, and see who tried to take power in the event of his actual demise.”
James stated that the country may witness some high profile executions in the coming days as some names of potential replacements were mentioned when it was believed the dictator was dead, including Kim’s sister Kim Yo-jong.
“I suspect we will see some purges in North Korea pretty soon,” he said.
Kim Jong-un surrounded by his military commanders (C) The New Telegraph
Professor Natasha Lindstaedt from the University of Essex echoed this view, warning Kim could unleash a wave of gruesome public executions to crush dissent, and those who may likely take power from him, Daily Star reports.
In a related event, gunshots were exchanged a few days ago at the Demilitarized Zone between North Korea and South Korea. The shots were first fired from the North Korea’s side and it hit a guard post in the South Korea.

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