Fans Blast Actress Mercy Aigbe for Wearing An American/UK Outfit On First Day After #Lockdown

Mercy Aigbe a popular Nigerian actress had made some scathing remarks about how Nigerians were behaving after the government lifted its over one month-old lock down order.

People were going about their normal duties but they were not obeying the guidelines that was issued by the government to prevent spread of the virus.

Videos of crowds gathered at public places without appropriate social distancing went viral online and many people felt that lifting of the restriction order will make things worse.

The actress was also commended for condemning the social behavior of people clustering without any regard for social distancing rules.

She however aroused the anger of some people who felt embarrassed that the actress will be wearing a shirt with inscriptions and photos of the American flag and symbols.

Many of them felt that celebrities from Nigeria should be ambassadors of the country and its heritage and not projects other country’s identity making Nigerians feel unimportant irrespective of how bad she detests their social behavior.

Mercy Aigbe likely wore the shirt intentionally to express her dissatisfaction with the way things are going in Nigeria.

She had complained bitterly about how Nigerians are placing the lives of other people at risk without knowing.

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