Barcelona has been offered the chance to sign Kevin de Bruyne but aware it’s impossible in summer

Mundo Deportivo have an interesting report about how Barcelona would love to sign Kevin de Bruyne but are well aware that is one deal that’s not happening any time soon.

It’s not even 48 hours since UEFA’s sanction for Manchester City was known to leave Citizens two years out of the Champions, that an agent knocked on the door of Barca to offer a player. 

It wasn’t interesting. Although Pep Guardiola will be faithful to his commitment to the Manchester team, some of his players do not seem willing to move away from the showcase of the best competition in the world with Kevin de Bruyne among them saying “two years without European football would be very long.”

The Belgian trusts his team, is waiting for what will happen, but he knows – because he says so – that there are other coaches in the world and that he will not always be lucky enough to be with Pep.

There are also other big clubs interested in him. De Bruyne is at the optimum age who will be 29 next month. The Belgian midfielder, whose passing, speed, and vision of play is unique in the world. It is among the best and makes a difference.

But it’s impossible to land him this summer as Barcelona put Lautaro as their great priority under coronavirus financial pressure, but… can a transfer be raised within the two years of sanction? That’s what we said: It’s crazy.

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