Every time we get into an argument my husband keeps repeating this and it’s becoming unbearable

My husband keeps doing this annoying thing to me anytime we get into an argument.

A lady couldn’t withstand it anymore with her husband attitude every time they get into an arguments which is becoming so annoying to her.

she said in her words her husband always say to her all my friends have about three or more side chick and he doesn’t have any and you’re here stressing me over this. Most times when he comes home late or he hasn’t done his duty by calling my mum then he alter those words.

Now I’m beginning to wonder if truly he does not have any side chick, cause for him to be saying such words that means he has one or two.

why is he acting up like he’s doing me a favor by not having a side chick?

kindly use the comment section to advice her on what to do, to stop the husband from repeating this act. Your advice will go a long way.

Note picture is for illustrative purposes.

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