Come and marry me now my watermelon is still pointed; young beautiful Nigerian lady call out men.

A video of young beautiful Nigerian lady has been seen making wave round the internet and social media.

In the video,the young lady was calling on Nigerian men to come marry her and enjoyed all the whole thing on her body now it is still fresh and intact.

She said;

If you want to marry a girl with pointed breast, Come and marry me now that my own is still standing before it collapse.

She stated that Men of nowadays wants to have a wife or girlfriend with point watermelon.

She also said that she shouldn’t be held responsible if the watermelon should fall as a result of her waiting for so long.

Our girls are really catching fun on social media under this lockdown while some are busy advertising themselves.

Since this lockdown it has been from one challenge to another eg pregnancy challenge,press up challenge etc.

Girls now have time to catch the fun of their life online.

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