COVID19 :-A Stranger Gave 30k To An Old Woman Hawking Drinks For Her To Return To Her Family During Lockdown.

An unknown woman was seen sitting on the floor beside a car resting when this young man who is a stranger asked her what she was doing outside selling soft drinks when she was supposed to be at home with her family, the old woman said she has to fend for her children and grandchildren.

The man asked her how much her goods is worth and she said she invested 1500 in the business hoping to get 2000 naira after selling her goods.

He then asked her how much he will pay her for her to remain indoor with her family so that she will not be seen hawking, she said she can’t say that anything the man gives her she will be grateful.

The stranger then gave her 1000s naira note, he asked her to count the money she was overjoyed, rolling on the floor and praying for the man.

She finally counted the money and it was 30k. She was very happy I guess she hasn’t received such amount of money as a gift before also considering the fact that there is a lockdown when people are complaining that there is no money but a man gave out 30k this period.

I must say it’s a very big gesture and he must have had compassion on the old woman. Whoever you are, may your pockets never get dried. May Heavenly Father provide for you more and more.

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