I read the May 1 message from the governor of Abia state through his CPS,Barr Ememanka .

It is quiet disheartening that from the message ,the sufferings of Abia workers and pensioners are not ending any time soon .

It is on record that since Okezie ‘s administration ,Abia worker’s and pensioner’s welfare have never been given any top priority. The governor has no interest of Abia workers and dying pensioners at heart .

It is only in Abia state that the welfare of workers and pensioners are used for political jamboree.

Permit me to paraphrase the governor ” I will ensure I maintain the monthly payment of your salaries .This simply means that the governor will never pay them all their entitlements before vacating office .It also implies that the governor cannot completely solve the problem of salary and pension payment before leaving office .

Pensioners in the state are owed about 24 months ,secondary school teachers are owed about 12 months ,HMB are owed about 10 months .So if the governor should maintain his regular monthly payments ,the governor is simply saying he cannot solve that problem he met rather he quadruple them.

You all will bear me witness that I have been in the forefront admonishing the governor to reduce cost of governance and pay his bills but he choose politics ahead of workers welfare and today ,the state is almost insolvent,acutely and dangerously broke because of cost of governance.

We will never allow the governor to use COVID 19 pandemic as a reason for not meeting up with salary and pension payments as they are now ready to front it as an excuse going forward .

The governor in his quest to remain in power in his first tenure abandoned worker’s welfare and appointed hundreds of unproductive aides and as unproductive they are ,they consumed the state’s resources and left the productive ones in deep pains and agony

Now for 5 good years ,mention just one problem Ikpeazu met on ground that he has been able to solve permanently?

I sympathize with Abia workers today and my prayer is that one day the good Lord will provide a leader that would have their interest and welfare at heart.

Happy workers day

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