Nigerians has reacted as Kano state records 80 new cases of #COVID-19 in 24 hours

Nigerians have reacted to the increase in COVID-19 cases in Kano State.

Zolexrep had reported that Kano State on Thursday recorded 80 new cases of the disease.

The Nigeria Center for Disease Control, NCDC, had tweeted, “204 new cases of COVID-19 reported; 80-Kano, 45-Lagos, 12-Gombe, 9-Bauchi, 9-Sokoto, 7-Borno, 7-Edo, 6-Rivers, 6-Ogun, 4-FCT, 4-Akwa Ibom, 4-Bayelsa, 3-Kaduna, 2-Oyo, 2-Delta, 2-Nasarawa, 1-Ondo and 1-Kebbi State.

Reacting, some Nigerians while expressing worry over the spike of cases, attributed the mass death reported in the State last week to COVID-19. gathered some comments:

@layo_aa, “The number is outrageously ridiculous. Kano outshining Lagos in this ain’t even shocking.”

@Drfunmilayo, “In less than 2 weeks, Kano showed up on the table and came second for some days consecutively. Today, for the first time, Kano comes top of the table.In terms of new cases.The same energy spent on Lagos should please be spent on Kano- let us prevent a possible Covid earthquake.”

@Dehkunle, “It’s now 80 in Kano in just one day. These kinda numbers are coming in from the north and the only thing they’re concerned about is arresting Mubaraq Bala for blasphemy,not enough education and sensitization for these people.”

@ogbenidipo, “80 in Kano. Even if Buhari opens up Lagos and Abuja, they should lock up Kano and keep the keys in Aso Rock for now. Because the stories from Kano is really shocking and disappointing. #COVID19.”

@AAgbomire, “Honestly Ma I am sacred for Kano. But then the figures came in as a result of the test centres back running and the 2nd centre in operation.”

@duni33, “45 in Lagos, it seems there’s a ray of hope concerning Lagos, but 80 in Kano tonight doesn’t look good at all and it’s worrisome.”

@Dabilo6, “80 in Kano? They have pushed Abuja sef to 3rd place. Yet, the people and the government over there think it’s play.”

@Mofizy18, “Kano now has the second highest number of active COVID-19 patients in Nigeria, less than 21 days after recording its index case.”

@Aliyu_A5, “With NCDC reporting 80 new cases in Kano, it seems like that was all some Nigerians have been waiting to see. I know I’ll just wake up to another fight between southerners and northerners tomorrow.”

@Iamtopsyforreal, “Anything that happens in Kano today, the governor should be held responsible for it. Where was the governor when states like Kaduna were closing their borders and declaring lockdown? Useless set of politicians we have in this country.”

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