My half sister and i thought we had it under control until i lost it ,kissed her and we did it

I slept with my sister and am so much confused on what to do next. We did not really plan to have such illicit affair, but it accidentally happened. My sister is 18 years and gosh she is a beautiful girl who is naturally endowed back there. I mean a pretty black girl with long hair and behind that is tempting especially when she takes her bath and has just a rapper around her chest.

I’m 21 years and love to catch fun with every chance I get. Please don’t judge me yet until you read the full story. So my sister lives with my mama, whiles am with my grandparents about 7 hours drive away from my village.

I was the stubborn child whilst growing up in the city so at the age of 15 years my mama suggested I’d be brought to live with my grannies because I’ll be messed up in the city if I was left there. We have different fathers, but none of them seem to care. My mum never married and said my grandpa could be a father figure for me. At that time my sister was young.

We saw each other during long school holidays and i admired her all along, but I never had any thought of having a love affair with my sister. I’m dating a strong Christian girl back here. A relationship that doesn’t allow lóvê mãkîñg.

My sister also had a boyfriend who was also not much into a rómantîc affair and this made us perfect sides of two opposite coin. We all secretely wanted what we both had.

One night when I came back to the city and we hit the club to have some drinks and dance the night away. It was the first time dancing with my sister and we became a bit intimate with our dance moves.

I couldn’t handle it no more and began to feel guilty that I was dancing that way with my sister so I left to do some thriller dance instead. In the process another guy came to dance with my little sister and I began to feel jealous. I got angry that my sister is in a club and dancing nasty with a stranger so I pulled her out of the club (after all I gotta protect my kid sister).

We got into our car (we brought along our mama’s car) and my sister was so pissed that I pulled her out of the club and it was embarrassing for her. She asked why I was behaving like a jealous boyfriend and in the heat of our argument, I wanted to make her quiet so I kissed her. I expected her to slap me for doing that but she didn’t. It meant I was free to do whatever I wanted so I made a move again and we started kissing. This time my hands started moving around and touching everything i could lay my hands on. It was about 2am then and dark. I don’t know exactly how it happened but we were all over each other and it happened.

I blammed it on the alcohol we had. We were a little tipsy with the alcohol we took. Worse of all was that we didn’t use any protection but I guess she didn’t get pregnant because she was safe by then. Now this is a secret between us for about 2 weeks now and I keep getting hunted.

My sister says she wants to tell our mama about it and see a counselor at her school, but I think it’s crazy. What’s the next move? I want to resolve this issue before I live the city. Please I need online counseling because I can’t stand face-to-face with a counselor and tell him/her about how I slept with my sister. It’s embarrassing.

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