Young Hotel Female Cleaner Beaten To Stupor After Returning Lost Phone To Owner

This Happened in Osun State, Osogbo… In an Hotel called Legacy Hotel and Suites. It was a really bad and remarkable experience which got everyone talking.

A man, who was identified as a regular customer of the hotel, came as usual with a Lady…

They lodged and later returned to the reception saying they wanted to book for 3 days…

They always leave their hotel room every evening to chill at the Reception and Bar. On the second day, they drive out and came back so late at night.

On the third day, when they were about to leave, they went to the reception to foot their Bills and left. After their departure, the cleaner, as her usual job, went into their room for his cleaning.

She was cleaning up the room when she saw an Itel Android Phone in a Cabinet near the Wardrope.

She immediately took the phone and called the receptionist to quickly call back their customer for the missing item.

About 30 mins later, they returned and immediately they entered the reception, they started to beat the Cleaner like Hell.

They beat up the young girl like they were so certain that she stole the phone. People tried to separate them but to no avail…

Is it now a Crime to return lost stuffs to the owners. I think this needs justice. Or what do you all think about this???

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