My Hubby is Cheating on me After 3years of marriage and 2kids

Dear ladies and gentlemen of the is platform, I really need your advice as well as your prayers because i am totally devastated right now. I got married to hubby at the age of 20, it’s been 3years of marriage and we are blessed with 2kids. My hubby started cheating on me few months after our traditional marriage.

He keeps malice and rejects my food at any slight misunderstanding. I am a neat humble beautiful lady, I try my best to please him but it seems to hate everything about me.

He treathens me with divorce whenever he’s angry. I’ve talked to him about it on several occasions bt no change,his people has called him to order bt all prove abortive.

His chats with his different girls is so disheartening. The last time I confronted concerning his chat with a girl where he was promising to s#ck her p#ssy etc, he said i should jam transformer and many men of God have told me dat the problem we are having is his affairs with girls, and that he wants to take another wife.i love my husband so much dat despite how he treats me I care and respect him while all I get is rejection and hatred.

Right now he’s not talking to me and I didn’t do anything to him, he only chats while at home till he leaves the house. l do stay on my own now but he doesn’t care.

What else should I do to bring back the love he has for me?

should I continue begging him even as I didn’t do anything? Pleasels help a depressed sister.

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