A Marriage Of 3years And 10year Of Relationship But My Husband Only Slept With Me 5 Times

Please hide my identity;

I was married in October 2017, finally got pregnant and had a baby boy in 2018. When i was pregnancy, I can recall that my husband slept with me only 5 times. Any time I make the move towards him, he immediately pushes me aside.

He will go to office, come home early, goes out again and come back late at midnight, Very tired and exhausted without any proper explanation of where he was coming from, I always wake up at dawn watch him deeply asleep. Anytime I raise the issue about his coming home late, he will only apologize and still continue.

I had to undergo Caesarean Section ( Operation) because the doctor says am perfectly fine but because I am too close. The midwifes were very angry and even asked me? Whether my husband do have s*x with me?

I cried bitterly because I was so ashamed to answer the question. This is a man I dated for 9 to 10 years before marriage. Before the marriage, I had a message that, he’s not my husband. When I told our counselor about the message, she told me he will change after marriage. But it became even worse. After I had my baby, I was wasn’t paid for 4months maternity leave, and anytime I ask for money, he gets angry because he wasn’t working by then.

So I request we share the contribution we had during the marriage event. He got upset, that I can even take all if I want.

That if anything happens to me, he won’t take responsibility. I waited patiently for some months, still I was out of money, I prayed over the money and I used it. I even use that money for diapers, even to cook for him.

He said,…if I want to destroy my marriage I should bring the money back, if not I should use it.

I divided the money and gave him the half he refused to taking it saying he doesn’t need the money.

He will come back from work and then leave the house again leaving me with the baby all by ourselves and return home late at midnight. I told him to take his own key along when he’s going out because he leaves the door open while my baby and myself are fast asleep.

Most times i will wake up at night to lock the door, then in an hour time, he will come back knocking and mentioning my name loudly. I realized that my life and that of the little baby was at risk so I decided to move out.

The fateful day I moved out, he was looking at me quietly and the following day, I came to pick something’s I left behind only to realize that, he had changed the locks the very day I left.

It’s over a year now, since I left. He never sent money for the baby. I survive by the Grace of God. He called recently I was so angry that, I told him the child is not his, considering how he never cared not even for his son.

He called his family members and told them I said he’s not the father of my son. And they all believed him. The counselor told him that, I said that out of anger, so he should exercise restraint, but he still stands on his ground that I should go and give him to his Father. Our counselor suggested he do a DNA to prove it. He says no.

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