I am now married but the father of my baby is a soldier fighting Boko Haram,he is coming to take his baby

Nigerian Lady Narrates how a soldier got her pregnant before going to Borno to fight Boko Haram and she hang the pregnancy on her second Boyfriend and they got married, now the soldier said he is coming back to take his baby.


“Am in a very difficult situation right now and I need mature advice that will help me pull through this mess. Please hide my ID.

“I will make my story very brief.
“In November 20l6, I met a guy who is now my husband on this platform. We became good friends and from there, we started dating. And because we both weren’t staying in the state then, it was very tasking for us especially me. The honest truth is that he was trying his best to be there for me even though he wasn’t earning much then.

“I wouldn’t lie, I had another guy who i was dating where I was, though, I didn’t fancy him much and again, he is in the military and because he was the first guy in my life, I found it very difficult to end the relationship; so I kept both of them. The honest truth is that in 20l7 August he was transferred to Borno State to help fight Boko Haram.

“On the night that he was to leave my base (Name withheld) we had sex of which I thought I was in my free period but somehow, I got pregnant. I called and told him about it, but he wasn’t saying anything meaningful.

“So I became so depressed and devastated.

“With tears, I told one of my closest friend who advised me to hang the pregnancy on the guy and so I paid him a visit for the second time. Now, this guy has managed to pay my dowry and I have given birth last year. I stupidly send the picture of the baby to the military guy and now he said that if he makes it back alive on August, that he will want to have his baby back.

“Please my people, how will I get out of this mess? How will I tell my husband this ugly story?

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