The us mayor who said he wanted Donald trump to disappear from the earth has died in a plane crash

Recently, according to media reports, the mayor of California, Kirby, posted a piece of content on the Internet that hopes Trump and his supporters will disappear. This content update caused a strong response, and many Americans support Kirby’s view. Kirby resigned after publishing these contents. However, it is quite surprising that less than a week after Kirby’s resignation, he crashed and died in a small plane.

After this incident, the public started to discuss this, and many people think that this does not seem to be a pure accident, but an assassination. Kirby was the mayor of Auburn, California in the United States. He once updated a piece of information about Trump on his personal social account. What Kirby said was that the good news for those who support the Trump regime is that they finally put on masks. Kirby also sent a meaningful picture of people wearing 3K party hoods. Kirby also sent a text, he claimed to be a realist, also mentioned Hitler, Kirby said that if Hitler and his supporters can disappear from the earth in 1939, the world will be better, then he also said Hope Trump and his supporters also disappear. It can be said that such remarks are clearly unhappy with Trump, and Kirby also mentioned the epidemic, referring to the relationship between the epidemic and Trump.

Kirby has attracted the public’s attention since his post, but Kirby did not take it seriously. He thought it was his personal account, so it was his freedom to post anything. But Kirby did publicly say that Trump is a racist, and Kirby resigned after these things happened. I thought it would be calmed down by Kirby’s resignation, but I didn’t expect bad news within a few days. It turned out that Kirby’s private plane crashed, Kirby died on the spot, and people who walked with Kirby only suffered He suffered a minor injury, and the doctor rushed to the hospital immediately.

Kirby’s sudden death made it difficult for his family to accept, and they couldn’t understand why Kirby died like this. Then they published a statement on the Internet and wrote a family’s consternation and sorrow for Kirby’s death. He also expressed that Kirby had always loved the Auburn community during his lifetime. Years of energy and enthusiasm.

The American people feel very sad about Kirby’s death. In fact, Kirby is not only a responsible mayor, he also loves art and is versatile. Kirby would fly the plane. He was still a doctor. He passed away not long after he resigned. This news was surprising, and it also triggered many different claims. Some people think that Kirby ’s death is not so simple as accidents, and some even think that Kirby died of assassination. After all, he has offended Trump.

Of course, some people raised objections to this, thinking that the United States is a country that supports freedom of speech, so Kirby said that everything is his freedom. However, it is undeniable that Kirby ’s death and what happened before have too many intriguing coincidences, so many people think that Kirby ’s death is not an accident, but another hidden secret. Now that the epidemic in the United States is getting more and more serious, many people have begun to stand up against the Trump regime. So whether Kirby died in an accident or was assassinated because of political factors involved, maybe he can only wait for a follow-up investigation to understand the situation, of course There is never a follow-up.

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