Why the village woman is not as curvy as your ‘Side Chick’ ( MUST READ FOR MEN)

Fellow men, how can your village wife be as romantic as your side chick when she has been to the labour wards, antenatal, postnatal clinics and breastfeeding for four or more times?

Do you understand what she goes through during breastfeeding and upbringing of your children till each of them turns eighteen years?

you ever thought of the rigours she goes through every morning preparing your children for school and thereafter digging your farms, every evening in the kitchen doing laborious chores preparing and cooking meals for your family, staying in the hospital for many days just to look after your children when they fall ill?
What curves do you expect on her body when you, the husband, have caused her to undergo many cuts down ‘there’, cuts as a result of CS, sagged breasts, stomach stretch marks, and pimples during pregnancy?
What attraction do you expect from her when she vomits and loses appetite during pregnancy? How can she be attractive when she walks, her entire life, in maize fields plucking vegetables for your meals, when she spends time walking to the distant Posho Mill to have maize grains turned in to flour for your Ugali?
How do you expect her to be curvy when she walks four Kilometres to fetch water for domestic use since the County Government has not sunk any boreholes nearby as a result of the massive corruption and rip off?
How can she be curvy and beautiful when she walks five kilometers every day taking your lean animals to a water point?
You don’t allow her to spruce herself up and become smart because that is tantamount to being viewed as a prostitute, you fail to appreciate, value and respect her because of your culture, yet the only thing you remember is that she is not as romantic as your ‘side chick’ is!
Fellow egocentric men, put your ‘side chicks’ to this kind of life and see if she can cope. Style up and learn to appreciate your wives; life is not all about curvy shapes, sexy eyes and romance, remember how she was before you married her! Do you know that you are the cause of her woes and ugliness?
God bless every hardworking mother and wife

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