Mohammed Lawal Abubakar, the Aide De Camp, ADC, to President Mohammadu Buhari, has stopped Mamman Daura, Buhari’ nephew, and Sabiu “Tunde” who is the President’s Personal Assistant, from gaining entrance into the office of the late Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, Pointblanknews.com sources have disclosed.

Sources confirmed to WWW.ZOLEXREPORTERS.NET that soon after the death of Abba Kyari, the duo have made several attempts to enter the office of the Chief of staff.
Abubakar, a very loyal Aide of the President and a Colonel in the Nigerian Army, stoutly told the duo, according to sources, they have no business seeking to gain entrance into the office of the Chief of staff.

The sources who would not want to be named disclosed that documents from shady deals between members of the cabal are all kept inside the office of the Chief of Staff and the attempt by key elements of the cabal to enter the late Chief of Staff’s office is aimed at removing them.

ZOLEXREP gathered that a room inside Kyari’s office codenamed “Secret Room”, is where the cabal led by Mamma Daura, keep documents from lucrative deals. The cabals also run a Whatsapp group using foreign numbers where they constantly discuss issues of importance, the sources said.

“They have been trying to enter the late Chief of staff office and I am sure they are more interested in the secret room where they keep documents relating to their many deals but the ADC has vehemently refused them entry,” said one of the sources.
Another source added, “the cabals have a secret Whatsapp group where they all use foreign numbers and chat about their areas of interests. If they don’t want anyone to see Buhari, they use the Whatsapp group to inform Tunde.

That Whatsapp group is where they run Nigeria from.”
WE gathered that members of the Cabal are jittery over the possibility of an outsider named Chief of staff and as such doing all they can to cover up shady deals.

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