Mr Ndobu ,Owner of Wilmark Pharmacy arrested for stripping young lady who stole milk from his store in Delta State

Mr Ndobu who is the Owner of a popular store in Delta State has been arrested after a young Lady was served jungle justice on Monday, 13th of February at Willmart supermarket along old Lagos Asaba Road, because she stole milk and some other petty items .
Ndobu who is also an Anglican Church KNIGHT was arrested and detained today at OWA OYIBU Divisional Police Station. His arrest was facilitated by Behind Bars Human Right Foundation in collaboration with Nigeria Police Area Command in Agbor.

According to the Human Right Group, BBI, who tracked Ndobu after the incident, asides been stripped naked, beaten up and filmed, He also shaved off her hair while they made a video of the scene and posted on social media.
It was also discovered that the lady does not have a child, the milk she stole wasn’t for her child as claimed and she is suspected to be a Kleptomaniac because of her history of stealing and the kind of items she takes from their owners.

BBI was able to reach out to some organizations who can rehabilitate her as they monitor the case of the Store owner who took law into his hands.

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