Lockdown: I Feel Lonely Without A Man – Nigerian Nollywood actress Destiny Amaka

Nollywood actress Destiny Amaka has made known her worry following the extension of the lockdown in Nigeria due to coronavirus pandemic.

According to actress, her only worry is that she is feeling lonely staying at home without a man.
She stated that she disposed of all her s3x toys before the pandemic and is now worried.

I feel so lonely this lockdown period. I think I feel it more because we know we can’t go out to get anything even s3x. But, truly I’m sure we’ve all been without s3x longer than these few weeks.

I don’t even own any more sex toys, I got rid of them, but I definitely need to stack back up. I have to look for ways to get boldly contact or wait till we come out of this. It is really ain’t that serious yet.

Nigeria has reported 493 positive cases of coronavirus with 17 deaths.

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