The Hidden Secrets Behind Abba’s Death,The Plot & Twist .

We are told that Abba died today but that’s a lie. He died on 2nd April 2020. Kemi Olunloyo was right! Remember I told you guys that until one or two politician die, I won’t believe there’s CoronaVirus in Nigeria.

I personally knew that Abba will die if he eventually contracted the virus. Same with our ceremonial president Buhari. If Buhari by any means contract this virus, he can’t survive it! Old people hardly survive th Virus. DYOR!

Abba is the mastermind of all the activities of this country. The good, the bad and the uglies. Permit me to say that Abba was the President of Nigeria not Buhari. Buhari is just a head figure and ceremonial president.

There is a reason why the office of the Accountant General of the federation was set ablaze. The CAC was set ablaze and now the INEC office. They purposely burnt down those offices to terminate all the vital documents therein. They tryna seal up all the evidences and mess they’ve committed. The next place to be gutted by fire is the Supreme court. Watch out!

Take Note: Abba is not the only politician that died of the Covid19 in Nigeria. Keep your eyes and ears open. I drop pen here. No RIP for you sir. Bye bye.

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