“My experience with short men are quite terrible,day one they’re already telling you to stop this

A Nigerian woman has gone to social media to share her experience with short men while she was dating them. According to her the experience with short men was terrible.Twitter user Nerv Bender who shared her experience with short men, said they’re too demanding and stressful to be with. In her words,

She wrote: “My experience with short men has been quite terrible. 1st date & they’re already telling you to stop wearing heels. Some will start fantasizing about having kids with you so that they’ll correct the height deficiency in their offspring. & their anger no be here. I no do again. 

“To make thing clear, I’m not mocking short men. I’m only stating MY experience as a tall woman navigating the dating circle with them. I’m 6’0 and many tall women like me can relate. And we’re genuinely tired.

“The first time I ever kissed a short man I had to stoop down to reach his lips. Thought my neck was going to snap. It was so awkward and we ended up laughing about it. I’m so glad the kiss was good because what would I have today my parents if my neck had dislocated? “

That’s what she wrote, what’s your take on this? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment box.

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