Don’t stop! If you have been drinking raw eggs with milk , see the reason why you should even continue.

Milk and raw eggs are favorite food of high bodybuilders an athlets due to their high protein contents.

Although each of them have their respective benefits, it should be eaten at the proper times and proper quantities depending on your specific work out goal. Like if you want to be fit the next morning drink this in the evening.

Note raw eggs contains vitamin D, Zinc and protein intake is increased. This increase the health related benefits.

See the reasons why you should mix egg and milk together;

  1. Cancer: it contains vitamin K which protects from cancer.
  2. Sight grows: the two mixture contains vitamin A which helps in sight growth, seeing beyond expectations especially for the aged.
  3. Save from diseases: drinking it increases immunity power and protects from diseases Herby making you fit always.
  4. Reducing age: it contains more quantity of Zinc which is beneficial in reducing age.
  5. Arthritis: this drink contains vitamin D which makes your bones and save you from arthritis.
  6. Healthy hair: it contains calcium which increases hair growth and helps in prevention of white hair.
  7. Ananias: this drink contains more quality of iron, it’s helpful in the prevention of the blood.
  8. Strong teeth: raw eggs and milk both contain phosphorus, which makes your teeth (bone) stronger and safe from any problem.

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