Natasha’s H. Akpoti apologizes over a post she made accusing deputy chief of staff to Governor Bello of Rape.

On the post, she share a WhatsApp chat were unknown lady request for her help, stating that she was raped by deputy chief of staff to Governor Bello alongside one unknown guy.

Natasha’s this morning retract the post and apologized.
She further urge ladies to stop rportin
Yesterday I made two Facebook posts regarding an allegation against the Kogi state’s Deputy Chief of Staff.
The first was based upon a cry for help by the alleged victim.
And the second post was upon the call for withdrawal of the allegation by the said alleged victim out of fear generated from the comments attracted by the first post.

Hence, after several reactions particularly by my friends and teammates, I have decided :
To the Deputy Chief of Staff
I Retract the posts with utmost expression of regret for publicizing the allegation without verification.
To the alleged victim
I don’t know who you are but I apologize for putting your life in danger and further pain.
If the rape allegations are true, I’ll advice you to contact the police and NGOs bellow.
Please stay strong and don’t let people’s doubts make you question your truth.
However, if the allegations are false, God help you.

To the general public;
True or false, the following were deduced from the comments on the post :
That if the rape actually occurred;
She was at fault
She made herself available for rape
She was probably a prostitute hanging around government officials
She was lying for attention
She was being sponsored
She enjoyed being raped … after all she was raped before.
She is jobless
She had no physical proof
She should have gone to the police

Factually so it is that rape remains one of the most difficult crimes to prove especially in countries with weak prosecution systems.
97% of actual rapists walk free.
1 in 6 women have been raped or been attempted to.
Most likely our wives, daughters or sisters are victims but chose to die with the secret than speak up and be further condemned by us.
Henceforth, if you happen to be a victim of rape, rather than contact me; please contact the nearest police station or any of the NGOs listed below and they shall accompany you to the police station:

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