Church Member Caught Assemblies of God Church pastor in Embu, Kenya Sleeping With His Wife In Hotel

There was a drama at a hotel in Karatina, Nyeri County on Wednesday after a senior pastor of Assemblies of God Church in Embu, Kenya was caught pants down in a hotel with a wife of one of his church members.

The husband who caught the pastor with his wife said that he had suspected that the pastor and his wife were having affairs and on Wednesday, he trailed them to the hotel where he caught him having sex with his wife.

There was a commotion as a crowd gathered to catch a glimpse of the shameful scene.

The pastor who came out of the hotel before the crowd entered his car and drove away leaving the woman behind.
Hotel staff who spoke on anonymity said that” The pastor had the habit of bringing many women into the hotel and had spent several nights at the hotel with different women.”

The husband of the woman had vowed to take up the matter with the pastor in court

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