Lagosians groan as criminals terrorise neighbourhoods during Covid-19 lockdown as Governor Sanwo Olu seeks the face of God.

Lagos is gradually degenerating into a state of chaos, no thanks to the activities of rampaging criminals who are terrorising various neighbourhoods as the Covid-19 lockdown persists. Many of those victimised by the armed robbers have shared their ugly experiences. At least two of them are Nairametrics staff members.

Imagine this scenario: It was early Sunday morning (yesterday), and a shopowner had just been informed about an incident at her shop in Bode Thomas, Surulere. She rushed down there only to find her shop vandalised, with 85% of her goods carted away.

Timidayo Daniel Adebowale  @Timmydennydd

I recieved a call 30mins ago from my aunty crying and screaming about her shop been vandalized and 85% of her market gone..

Location ; Bode Thomas In Surulere

The woman had not been going to the shop since early April when President Muhammdu Buhari issued lockdown orders for Lagos, Abuja, and Ogun State. Unfortunately, not only has her business suffered due to her inability to make sales, she is now on the brink of completely losing her means of livelihood. The saddest part of the story is that the police in Lagos cannot help her.

Timidayo Daniel Adebowale

 · 12 Apr 2020

Replying to @Timmydennydd

She said she has not been coming to shop since due to the lockdown. And so she got called up this morning that her shop has been broken

She went to report to police station 2 shops away from hers. Buh she said the D.P.O told her that “They can’t be everywhere”

Timidayo Daniel Adebowale @Timmydennydd

Axcording to her The D.P.O came this inspect her shop this morning after the robbery buh they said “There is nothing they can do”

This is so sad that her friend is the real owner of the shop but handed it over to her to oversee before travelling abroad.

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