Meet Emmy Benson a youthful Soldier that fought Boko Haram when He was taking His bath

A Nigerian Soldier has clarified how he had the option to beat the dramatization and melancholy when his better half got hitched while he was away. In an Interview withTheFamousNaijahe shared his life story.

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Emmy Benison is a youthful ‘big name rapper Soldier’. He has turned into a web sensation on two events. First was his viral shock story and furthermore his viral rap video. This has soar the quantity of devotees he has on Instagram. 

TheFamousNaija had an elite visit/meet with the mainstream officer rapper. Extract from the meeting. 

Would we be able to meet you? 

My name is Emmy Benison, I’m from Oturkpo LGA of Benue State. I’m 23 years of age. I’m a faculty of the Nigeria Army and I’m likewise a rapper. 

When and how could you join the Nigerian Army? 

I joined the Nigeria armed force in 2014 following my auxiliary school 

Your dad and granddad were warriors, was that why you decided to join the military? 

My granddad and father both served the Nigerian Army and it has nothing to do with me turning into a warrior. From the start, my dad never needed me to turn into an officer. I joined the military without his assent. My dad needed me to be a broker however I was enthusiastic about serving my dad land (grin) 

How has it been filling in as a Nigerian fighter and battling Boko Haram? Compassionately share your encounters as a Nigerian fighter 

lolzz.. The war between the Nigerian armed force and the Boko Haram radical is anything but a no problem. It is something I will never wish to involvement with my next life. The Nigerian armed force is a valiant association. We are solid, energetic and determined and that is the explanation we are winning the war against the extremist. I have confronted in excess of 22 assaults on various areas. I have seen war, felt it and am prepared to feel it again insofar as am battling for my nation. 

At some point back, a story that your sweetheart furtively wedded another person while you were caught up with battling Boko Haram, became a web sensation, what do you need to state about that? 

To be straightforward I was shock how it turned into a web sensation. In those days I was harmed, sorrowful and befuddled however I never let it get in my mind since I was in the combat zone and I should have been large and in charge for my detachment and my own life. I was dispirited however I never demonstrated it… I miss however (lolz) 

So do you have another sweetheart now after your ex left you for another person? 

lolzzzzzzz am dealing with a relationship must go on na 

Likewise, TheFamousNaija highlighted your rap video and it became famous online too, how did your bosses in the military respond to it? 

To be completely forthright with you, a portion of my bosses were dazzled to see a trooper with such ability while some didn’t make an effort not to stress about me.. I purchased overwhelming occupation (lolz) 

Looking at rapping, you are otherwise called the ‘Rap Soldier’. Why the enthusiasm for rap? 

I have been rapping since I was 13 years of age.. I appreciate DA music, I love to rap. I wouldn’t fret supplanting MI abaga (lolz). The name “Rapsoldier” began from Instagram when phyno reposted one of my recordings on his page and many individuals were shock to see a fighter drop barz (lolz) 

How would you consolidate rapping with your work as a fighter? 

It has not been simple for me however. Many individuals even gripe am consistently in uniform while rapping. The thing is am constantly occupied with the activity and I simply find a workable pace any given chance. Am consistently on the job and I can’t wear easygoing wears while on the job. So I find a workable pace my uniform and in any event, when am off the clock, am still in my uniform if there should arise an occurrence of crisis. It’s truly been troublesome consolidating the both yet God has been my ally for long and am pushing the both slowly. 

Don’t your bosses chide you for rapping in armed force uniform? 

Like I stated, I have been purchasing work therefore however my energy for music won’t permit me hear word (lolz). Control is the bedrock of the Army and with regards to that I don’t depict the military in a terrible way with my uniform. It’s only for the common populace to comprehend that fighters are human as well and we have gifts like each other individual.. 

What’s your most humiliating minute? 

Lolz. That will be a few years back in the shrub when I was washing up and Boko Haram assaulted us, I ran outside bare and was battling without garments.. E no simple o (Lolz) Some of my associates despite everything utilize that episode to chuckle at me. 

What are your pastimes and how would you unwind? 

Well I love rapping, I love playing table tennis and I read books a great deal and at whatever point I am free, I typically spend time with companions to chill.. 

What guidance do you have for others that desire to join the Nigerian armed force? 

Many individuals need to join the Army for having an occupation and not on the grounds that they need to battle for the nation. The military isn’t an association that will make you a mogul. It’s a sacrificial assistance. You must be enthusiastic about it. Try not to do it for simply having an occupation or for the force that accompanies the uniform. Do it for your nation and make your family pleased. It’s a respect serving your homeland. 

In conclusion, I need to state an enormous thank you to thefamousnaija. You’ve generally been steady and I welcome it a great deal. God favor you such a great amount for everything. 

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