Regina Daniels Explain Why She Was Forced To Marry Billionaire Husband Ned Nwoko Amidst Being Pregnant For Him

Marriage they say “is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

Zolex with all indicators coming to bare and in play has decided to come up with this little piece letting the world know the truth about the beautiful Regina Daniels Marriage to Prince Ned Nwoko. Recall that reports went round carrying false information with with regards to Regina Daniels being forced to marry the Nigerian billionaire with some social media commentators speculating that her mother was in total support of the “By Force Marriage” .
Well, Information gathered by us indicates that there was no such thing as a “By Force Marriage” and that Regina Daniels agreed to marry the billionaire out of love even though she was clearly aware Prince Ned Nwoko was already married. One would argue that she also married because of money and that is where the problem lies. You see, life is too short to live by mere speculations without having absolute fact and in this regard i can boldly say Regina was already doing well for herself before her rich husband came into the picture.
Before i delve more into the above, i just want it to be on record that Prince Ned Nwoko is an honorable man who will not take the happiness of a young girl for granted. Reports gathered indicates that the billionaire made an approach as any man will do and became friends from there. Disclosed every single truth about himself including his married life to Regina and that was where the connection started.
Regina by all means and standard has defied all odds to stay relevant even whiles pregnant for her beloved husband. But come to think of it, don’t you agree with me that every successful person wants to achieve more success and make an impact on society? That is the case of Regina Daniels.

To cut the long story short, Regina out of her own will decided to marry the billionaire and has ever since been more happier. How can you not be happy getting married to the man you love not to talk of carrying her child. Regina boldly came out to say she was never forced and can never be forced to marry someone she does not love so why can’t her words be taken for it?
There is more to come in my next story so stay glued as i keep updating you on the young princess…
I leave you with beautiful moments of the happy Regina enjoying her marriage.

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