I Killed My Wife Because She Planned To Remarry After My Death:- Uwani Danjuma told police

A Nigerian man who was arrested by the Niger State Police Command after he killed his wife, has disclosed that he committed the said act because she planned to re-marry after his death.

The suspect identified as Uwani Danjuma, reportedly killed his wife with a cutlass in Uddu, Niger. According to him, his wife had told him, when he was sick, weeks earlier, that if he dies, she will re-marry another man.

The man who killed his wife while she was sleeping and further disclosed that he did it because she planned to re-marry after his death, said;

“I can’t imagine my own wife telling me that if I died, she will remarry. I lost my temper and inflicted injuries on her neck with matchete which led to her death.I am not regretting killing her since she wanted me to die.

I killed her so that she will not remarry. She should not have said that to my hearing, there is power in the spoken words; so let her go.

Allah will send her to hell fire for that unguarded comment.”

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