I’m currently Pregnant For My Dad,I Told Him We Should Abort,He Said I Should Keep The Baby

Unwanted pregnancy is one of the worst things that can happen to any young girl.
It can be likened to putting her life on pause for an indefinite period. This 19years old girl reached out to me via email and shared her sad story with me.
Sadly, the situation surrounding her ‘already-depressing unwanted pregnancy’ made it more difficult to want to be alive.
She was an intelligent student with a bright future, and more importantly a good child to her parents. She made sure her mom tried to be happy in her life-threatening marriage, and She tried to make sure her dad was satisfied.
Through all the years of satisfying her father, She never once thought it would get to the sexual aspect. Of course, She cooked, cleaned and kept the house in order because her mum could barely function due to her abusive marriage with her father.
She always looked dead. The only time her eyes lit up was when she told her mum tales about her experience in school. Sometimes, She cooked up stories to make her smile. She loved to watch her mum smile; it gladdens her heart to see her that way.

Life hadn’t always been this way for them. They were once a happy family until her dad suddenly became this monster that made everyone around him depressed.
Her mom didn’t want to leave the marriage and she most definitely couldn’t leave both of them, so she endured. Due to her mother’s inability to take care of her family, She had to take up the position by becoming the mother of the house.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before she became the wife of the house as well. The sexual
abuse happened on one drunken night after getting back from the bar, where her dad went to watch his favourite football club play. He came back grumpy and appeared to be more aggressive than usual.
She served his food like she did every night but this time, he hurled the food from the dining table. She rushed to clean the mess he made but instead he grabbed her, and forced himself on her. She pleaded with him to leave her alone but he was lost in his selfish desires. What happened that night scarred her for life.
The following morning was like a whirlwind; everything felt like a blur. She didn’t understand how she got through her routine that day.
She don’t even know how he was able to face her or look her in the eye without remorse. It was like the atrocity he committed never happened but she had no choice than to address the elephant in the room when she didn’t get her period the next cycle.
She told him that she was pregnant and she needed money to remove the pregnancy but he wouldn’t give her! She pleaded repeatedly but he keeps saying no without giving her any reason.
She don’t want to carry her father’s child neither do she want to die, which is what will happen if she doesn’t go to a professional doctor. She is lost and she’s considering maybe dying would be the best option. Asides that, the only thing she can do is tell her mum but she is also scared. I have advised her to tell her Mum, Please what advise do you have for her?

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