Chadian Attack On Boko Haram, In A Country Where Shame Exist, Buratai Army Chiefs should have Resign, Apologize to Nigerians

The attacks launched by the Chadian army against the Boko Haram that has led the insurgents’ defeat in their stronghold with their leader near to surrender is enough for the Nigerian army chief to resign if Nigeria is a country where shame exists.

WAR on Sunday reported how the Chadian army has taken the war to the Nigerian Boko Haram insurgents, killing 100 of its members in Magumeri, a local government in the northern Borno, and setting Nigerian soldiers held captive free, local sources have told WAR.

Sources from the Lake Chad region who spoke to WAR on Sunday morning said the Chadian soldiers are hitting the Boko Haram insurgents hard and have vowed to destroy them completely in few days.

One of the sources said the insurgents are on the run while struggling for survival. He disclosed how Mr. Idriss Déby, the Chadian President is moving around with Helicopter ensuring that Boko Haram members are destroyed by the Country’s army force.

After the Chadian army lost over 92 of its soldiers to a Boko Haram ambush, Mr. Idriss Déby, the country president declared the Lake Chad borderlands a war zone.

Déby traveled to the region to announce the Wrath of Boma operation, named after the island where Boko Haram launched a seven-hour assault that Déby said was the worst the country’s military had ever suffered.

Since the launch of Boma operation, the Boko Haram insurgents have been hit hard by the Chadian soldiers with the hope of the insurgents been destroyed by the Chadian troops.

This is not only a disgrace on the Nigerian state but a national embarrassment that the country army chief ought to have resigned and tender national apology for a monumental failure and ridicules his command of the country military force has bought on us.

When are we going to learn how o accept responsibility and resign when we fail.

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