My husband beats me at the slightest provocation.I Want To Divorce Him, But He Is So Good In Bed

People, I have a grave matter that I have to tell you that’s killing me inside. This concerns my husband who doesn’t tend to the family’s responsibilities in the house always complaining that he doesn’t have money at all.

I have a business for a while now and this makes me enough money, and so I became the one who provides for our family. This has made my husband leave all the responsibilities to me cater for.

I don’t see any problem with me providing for the family because my husband is not stable in his finances but this man has a distressful habit of always complaining. He sometimes beat me when he asks me for money that I don’t have.

A recent incident between us happened because I withdrew one hundred thousand for my children’s school fees, I usually keep my money in our bedside drawer, he took seventy thousand from the money for the school fees.

When I confronted him to ask him about the money, to give it back or at least the remaining, what followed were slaps raining on me. He claimed that I was disrespecting him because I earn more than him.

That incident provoked me to contact her mother and tell her about it, she however dismissed the story and said that I was using his son’s destiny to shine in my life, that a prophet revealed that to her.

Now my husband beats me at the slightest provocation.

I really want to divorce him but I can’t get myself to, because my husband is good at one thing, he is the best man in bed I have ever met. I have dated many types but no one satisfies me in bed like him.

Please help me,

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