My Husband Introduced Me To His Kidnapping Group So We Can Make More Money, Woman Confesses

Husband and wife arrested for Kidnapping, wife claims she was introduced into the grand by the husband just to make more money.

I never knew what my husband was doing always coming back home at night until that particular I hard to question him and he revealed to me he is a kidnapper that kidnaps people for money at time kill them and sell their parts to Rituals.

He persuaded to join the group that the will put head together and make more money I never wanted to joined but he threatens me that I know his secrets of making money now that he will kill me if I don’t join.

The woman Confessed she joined Kidnapping with the husband and the have kidnapped and kill about 50 people since she started and the have made a lot of money from it, she told the police she is ready to face the wrath if the law.

Luck ran out of them on their last operation the were set up by the other members of the gang and the were caught by the police during the operation.

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