Do You Still Drink Garri,made out of cassava? Please Read Carefully. Don’t Say we Didn’t Warn You.

There is not one Nigerian, that doesn’t drink or hasn’t drank soaked Garri. This delicacy, made out of cassava, has indeed become a staple in Nigeria. Interestingly, both the rich and the poor have a craving for this Nigerian food.

In English language, you may want to call it ‘Cassava flakes’. However, it’s best known as ‘Garri’.

One very striking quality of this meal is that it could be very filling and even more importantly, it’s inexpensive. Indeed, Garri is a life-saver for the poor masses.

In all of these nice facts surrounding this wonderful ‘Cassava flakes’ called Garri, one might easily overlook the gross disadvantages and side-effects of consuming Garri. Hence, the need for this insightful write-up.

Here are few side-effects of drinking Garri:

As a matter of fact, cassava has a strong chemical called Hydrocyanic acid. Hence, when the fermentation process of making Garri, is not done correctly, these chemicals remain strongly present in your Garri. Sadly, most Garri producers, produce on a large scale and many not pay due attention to the proper fermentation process. Even more, many of them are not educated enough on this issue.

Now, when you consume this Garri, you may develop intestinal problems such as ulcer, due to the presence of cyanide in your stomach. Even more, the intake of this cyanide in Garri, may lead to challenges with the eye.

In addition, Garri is majorly a carbohydrate-giving food. Hence, intake of this meal, predisposes one to diabetes(as a result of the sugar intake), obesity and other underlying diseases.

Please think again before taking, the next spoon of Garri.

Indeed, prevention is better than cure!

May God bless and keep us all!

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