Suggestive picture of a man of God touching his member in a very compromising manner,hit the social media.

This time, the supposed man of God is portrayed grabbing the very private part of a member whose capture disposal was one of approval.

Although the names of neither the lady nor the pastor was mentioned, the story goes ahead to castigate pastors in the habit of taking advantage of their unsuspecting members.

Zolex could not immediately confirm the authenticity or otherwise of the story, but is already generating interest, albeit wide criticisms for those who tend to take advantage of vulnerable members of their congregation.

There is little or no doubt that times are challenging and usually the answers to the issues that trouble man are beyond man’s ability and interpretation, and the pulpit becomes a major recourse.

Besides, individual worshipers are usually not able to pay the price of separation as to hear first-hand from God how to paddle the canoes of their lives; they therefore flock to wherever there is a glimmer of hope.

Aside the two, the question has also risen, have the men of God become too debased and brazen as to be committing all the atrocities usually associated with them, or are these the outcome of an overzealous generation of pen –pushers?
Real trained journalism professionals these days are pained no end by the continued encroachment of non-professionals, which has further lowered the standard.

A gullible media public has assured that just anybody and just anything could fly as news content, thus many people, finding themselves on the wrong side of the news

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