My husband almost dumped me because I had suffered 6 miscarriages and had not given him a single child:Irene tells her story

My name is Irene and I got married to my husband five years ago and it was such a very good
time for me since I was looking forward to having my own children and starting a very happy
My husband too always had dreams to become a father and so after our wedding, we
immediately started trying out for babies. It proved so hard to get pregnant and six months after
marriage, I had not gotten pregnant despite all the sex and trials my hubby and I had gone
Then one morning, I woke up feeling very weak, nausea and even with a back pain. My husband
immediately went to buy a pregnancy testing kit since he suspected I was pregnant. True to his
suspicions, I was indeed pregnant. We were both so happy. We even invited some family and
friends to come celebrate with us. That was the happiest day we had had ever since we got
Unfortunately, I lost that pregnancy five months later. We cried so much after losing our baby
since our hopes to become parents had been dimmed again. Good thing I became pregnant few
months after that. However, I still lost it. I lost more than 4 pregnancies and this always left me
so weak and emotionally drained.
My husband, on the other hand, had become so impatient and started believing we would never
have children. He changed and started treating me coldly and even told me that he wanted to
marry another woman who would give him children.

“I don’t think I can take this anymore. I am thinking of marrying another woman who will not
miscarry my children,” my husband said.
His words hurt me so much and that’s when I decided to seek help. I came across Doctor
Mugwenu’s website and saw that he had written that he healed the kind of condition that I had. I
called him and he gave me an appointment the next day.
On meeting him, he used a combination of spells and herbs to heal my fertility issues. He
prescribed to me a concoction which I was to drink for three days. I went home, drank the drink
and in two weeks’ time, I was pregnant already.
My husband was scared that I would end up losing the baby along the way but I carried my baby
to term and I am now expecting my second child.
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